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Menu Plan


Everyday we make freshly prepared meals on the premises.

We change the menu every week but below is some of the meals we enjoy.


Breakfast will be a choice of toast and cereal every day.

Snack time will be a choice of fruit and/or vegetables (maybe the odd biscuit)


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Lunch: Sausage casserole with carrot, swede, potato and tomatoes.

  Fruit kebabs

Supper: Pitta bread pizza with a homemade tomato sauce base. Choice of toppings including ham, cheese, pineapple, peppers and sweetcorn.



Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognaise made with a homemade vegetable and tomato sauce.

 Bananas and custard.

Supper: Selection of sandwiches and vegetable sticks.



Lunch: Roast Chicken and vegetables


Supper: Vegetable soup and chunky bread.



Lunch: Chicken and pasta with hidden vegetable sauce

            Ice cream

Supper:  Cheese on toast



Lunch: Cottage pie with peas and carrots

            Apple pie and ice cream

Supper: Baked beans on toast

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